Case IH Precision Farming

Case IH AFS® tools include everything you need to achieve repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond, reduce overlaps, and cut input costs - and maximize your yield potential.

case ih precision farming tripod

Case IH AFX Application Control

Increase your planting, seeding and spraying efficiency with Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) application control tools available on Case IH Early Riser® planters, Precision Air® Series air carts, Precision Spray Series sprayers and Patriot® Series sprayers.

Application Control Tools Compatibility
AFS® Pro 600 Monitor Early Riser planters, Precision Air air carts, Patriot sprayers, Precision Spray sprayers
AgGPS® Field Manager™ Display Drills, planters, seeders, sprayers, spreaders
AIM Command™ Sprayers
AgGPS EZ-Boom® 2010 Sprayers
afx application control buttons

Case IH AFS Guidance & Steering

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems steering and guidance tools allow for hands-free operation and guidance of tractors, combines, and sprayers.

AFS Guidance & Steering Correction Level *
From 3 ft. to sub in.
From 3 ft. to sub in.
From 3 ft. to 1 in.
From 8 in. pass-to-pass to 1 in. year-to-year
From 3 ft. to sub in.
1 ft. pass-to-pass 

*Depends on the level of GPS accuracy chosen

case ih afs guidance and steering equipment

Case IH AFS Machine Function/Implement Control

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems tools let you monitor and control key tractor, implement, combine, cotton picker and baler functions including: fuel level, fuel/area and fuel/hour work rate, slip, distance, and area engine load.

case ih afs machine function and implement control

Case IH AFS Mapping & Analysis

Map, measure, manage, analyze and control your entire farming operation with Case IH AFS® Desktop Software. Generate yield maps, as-applied maps and prescription maps. Manage, view and edit precision farming data collected with your AFS equipment as well as other precision farming data sources.

case ih afs mapping and analysis

Case IH AFS Yield & Moisture Monitoring

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems harvesting tools include the AFS® Yield and Moisture Monitor to measure moisture levels, grain temperature, grain flow and yield on Axial-Flow® combines.

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case ih afs yield and moisture monitoring